About Us

Our Way

Officially founded in 1999 and effectively active since 1993, Vértica International chose to focus on the formation of human resources for the improvement of the learning institutions management and pedagogic process in classrooms. This focus has guided all of the successful projects developed by the company which today has its image consolidated by successful partnerships and by the excellent accomplishments results that demonstrate great compatibility among its practices.

Our objective guidance of the developed and implementation of projects by Vertica International is the improvement of the qualification of the educational management and leaders - educators of the school - through development, deepening an updating the knowledge and experiences to function in a systemic form and integrated as “facilitator” agents in transition and process of organizational development, always in search for the quality improvement of the teaching and learning process.

Committed with the quality of the formation of professionals who work in the educational field as multipliers of the knowledge and the know-how, Vértica International has built its path, implementing and developing relevant educational projects in both public and private sectors, in Brazil and in other countries as well, as it believes on its contribution of the enhancement in the world´s education.


To produce and disseminate knowledge applied at work through sustainable educational activities that generates the continuous development of people and environment.


To be a reference to society which it participates as a positive agent in people´s transformation, disseminating knowledge with the integration of technologic environment.


  • To make it happen
  • To work in a correct way
  • To evolve along with our clients and partners
  • To appreciate the knowledge of our contributors
  • To take care of people´s well-being and the environment