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Vértica International gathers a solid experience resultant from the significant work developed by many institutions, public and private, where large projects contributed to the consolidation of the Vértica brand as a company truly committed with the quality of the training of professional working in the educational sphere, as well as the students of elementary, middle and professionalizing schools.

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Training Program of Educational Coordinators and Educators of Mozambique

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The Educare.MZ - Training Program of Educational Coordinators and Educators of Mozambique is the most recent and challenging project that Vértica International, in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Mozambique and with the support of Vale and CLN - Logistic Corridor of Nacala, works with the purpose to form human resources to improve the coordination of learning institutions and the pedagogical process in classrooms.

The program aims to qualify the educators and educational coordinators, leaders of participating schools, by developing, strengthening and updating of knowledge and experience, to work in a systematic and integrated way as agents in organizational development changes and processes, seeking to improve the quality of teaching and learning of advantaged schools in the regions of action of the VALE and CLN.

Based on the diagnosis of the present school management on both contemplated cities - Tete and Nacala, the program, through the adoption of guidelines and a strategic plan, elects as an objective improving the process of teaching and learning on the intervention region, taking into account the story ever built by local educators.

Through education modalities distance and also presently, the Educare.mz program aims to train teachers multipliers, enabling them to a PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED B, issued by the Polytechnic University of Mozambique.