Among numerous aspects that offers the opportunity of working inside the educational universe, Vértica International has the expertise to approach a few with a better calculated criteria and followed by development of processes even more precise that brings more enhancement into those areas.


Training of educational coordinators and educators

Training programs with the objective to improve the qualifications of the education coordinators, educators, school leaders and school community, promoting the development, deepening and updating their knowledge and experience for a systemic and integrated performance, as transition agents, offering student´s improvement on learning from daily basis performances.

Planning, implantation, monitoring and educational projects evaluation

Development, planning and implanting of monitoring online systems and evaluation of customized and contextualized educational projects, from the point of necessity of our clients and collaborators with the objective of enhancing the work in the institution on a strategic and effective form..

Elaboration of didactic material for basic and vocational education

Elaboration and production of didactic materials customized of basic and vocational education, suiting to the institution context and of its community, with the purpose to offer the most modern and interactive, offering efficient and sustainable process of teaching and learning.

Development and implantation of strategic planning

Organizing and fortifying of educational coordination and leadership, through elaboration and implantation of strategic planning, with the use of contextualized method, systemic and dynamic.

Preparation of samples, fairs, seminars and workshops

Organization of educational events, from strategic planning to implementation, with the purpose to offer positive results for the training of professionals and its staff as well as to the exposure of their best practices.

Consulting on the development of virtual educational environments

Planning and development of virtual learning environment that supports, promotes and complements the teaching and learning of educators, students and management teams of education systems.